Supply Chain?

Concrete is produced within a chain of supporting businesses

The concrete supply system is a group of diverse industries who link to each other for successful construction results. These supply chains are a part of a global web of industries that support concrete production. But if the raw materials are not produced correctly at the start of the chain, then concrete does not reach its strength. If concrete is always produced weak, then engineers cannot design the appropriate structure to make a building safe. All links of the chain must function properly.
The links in the concrete supply chain
• Aggregate mining
• Materials    grading/testing
• Structural engineering
• Cement manufacturing
• Material distribution
• Ready-mixed production
• Architectural design
• Construction contracting
• Block manufacturing
• Steel distribution
• Building inspection
• Construction training
• Equipment sales/rental
• Concrete QC testing
• Building supply locations
• Concrete pumping
• Excavation work
• Masonry contracting
• Steel fabrication
• Form fab./rental
• Pallet manufacturing
• Concrete finishing
• Additive/sealant supply
• Equipment maintenance
• Construction management
• Employment services
• Curing systems
• Plaster contracting
• Compressed earth mfg.
• Importing/exporting

A concrete supply chain for developing countries can mirror the proven systems of industrialized nations, only at a different scale. Every improvement creates good jobs and will add strength to their construction projects. If we are serious about providing sustainable building solutions for the poor, then creating a trustworthy supply system should be a priority.

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