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Stop shovel mixing of cement

Cement Trust Coalition Improves Concrete Supply Chain

Your knowledge and connections can mean the difference between crushing death and sustainable lifestyles in the world’s poorest nations. The concrete supply chain touches everyone, so we are combining the efforts of industry, governments and charities to solve the issues of poor concrete construction around the world.

bad concrete block construction in HaitiThe Cement Trust Coalition provides an opportunity for you to share, connect and to enhance the good that can be accomplished for those who struggle to build safer structures in terrible conditions. Cement Trust focuses on improving the concrete construction supply chain, including everything from mining to ready-mix delivery and each touch-point in between.

Who should join?

Leaders in engineering, architecture, construction, manufacturing, distribution and transportation can use their collective resources and experience to replace failed concrete supply systems with sustainable solutions that will save lives and extend resources.

The members of the Cement Trust Coalition will close the gaps and increase the impact of the fight against inappropriate concrete construction processes. Coalition members know that investing time and resources in appropriate concrete construction will save billions of dollars and millions of lives.

CementTrust is turning first-world business knowledge into third-world construction assets. We’re making the global concrete supply chain better by joining the corporate sector, governments and civil society together in a common focus on concrete.

It is essential that the high-impact leadership of companies, the influential leaders of governments and the hands-on work of charities work together in cooperation to make a difference. If you have something good to share… Join us!

A Business Opportunity

For a company committing assets to the fight, membership delivers well-crafted, cost-effective ways to get focused, find partners, improve effectiveness, and to boost ROI.

Not every member is active on the front lines, but every member wants to help the poor to live in safer more sustainable structures. To be a coalition member is to support strategies that see that cement-based construction is more trustworthy in every society.

Knowledge-Sharing and Joint Problem-Solving

We specialize in applied knowledge. We corral critical knowledge and tools in an online forum, and provide clear guidance for company action. We facilitate knowledge co-creation and joint planning through working groups and round tables – which are focused on outcomes, not just intellectual exchange.

Strategy Setting

The Coalition provides tools and counsel for members to define their role in the fight and to set the best priorities in advancement of the concrete construction supply chain.

Connections, Partnerships and Networking

Partnerships take the form of one-to-one joint ventures, collective action and cost-sharing. Partners come from both the corporate and non-corporate sectors. We bring valuable partners together through networking events, working groups, special co-funding and collaborative action programs, as well as individual consultation and facilitation for members.

Awareness, Advocacy, and Communications

The Coalition organizes collective advocacy programs, which include representing business to key stakeholders. We raise visibility through newsletters, newspaper, magazine, website, and other special communications. We provide tools for members’ internal communications. And we conduct media relations for our stakeholders.

Start Now

There have been many events this past year that demonstrate the need for this coalition. Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and hurricanes will continue to expose the lack of a good concrete supply systems in under-privileged lands. Cement Trust is exclusively focused on this issue, and with your talents and your resources we will do something good before more is lost.

Bruce Christensen is the author at CementTrust

7 Responses to Join the Coalition

  1. Now it’s time to switch from red brick to the natural elements BANONCON products (foam clerk)

    * Installation is faster, neat, and light
    (1 handyman can do 20 m2)
    * Efficiency in work time
    (because it can directly plamir / plaster)
    * Environmentally friendly because it is made from a natural element (foam clerk)
    * Has a 10 x 20 x 50 cm with a weight of 8-9 kg / pcs
    (1m2 Banoncon contains 10 pcs)
    * Hold the earthquake and soundproofing
    * The adhesive cement to absorb more Banoncon resulting in good strength

  2. edetor prosper says:

    GREAT IDEA Count on my interest.I Think this products are timely and you should be commended for your effort.

  3. It looks great to join the initiative

  4. Please help me access the technology

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