Charity and Concrete

Together for stronger concrete supply chains

Charity and Concrete CombineThe goal of the Cement Trust is found at the intersection of charity work and concrete expertise.

Charities are usually the first responders when disaster hits. Their expertise in rescue and revitalization is unmatched. They are the first to witness the devastation caused by poor concrete and bad construction. Many times they are then asked to clean-up the rubble and rebuild the community without a trustworthy construction materials supply chain.

Concrete experts spend their time creating stronger more useful building materials and engineering practices. They develop tools and training that will improve concrete construction and build functioning concrete supply chains. Their work builds the infrastructure and grows the economy as they produce the world’s 2nd most consumed product. Concrete is an economical, easy to use, and safe building component that we trust to make our lives better.

Getting on Track

It is unfortunate that trustworthy concrete is hard to find in the poorest regions of the world. Lives and livelihoods are often derailed by the crumbling results of poor concrete construction. The Cement Trust has a vision to put quality concrete back on track.

By pulling together charity leadership and concrete expertise we will build a connected and dynamic supply chain for the benefit of all. The Cement Trust will work with and encourage: Industry to modify equipment and processes so they can be adapted to fit construction needs in even the poorest of areas; Academia to find the simplest ways to ensure quality concrete is made and find the easiest and most reliable methods to test materials; Non-Profits to insist on participating in construction projects only when they meet the minimum international standards of safe concrete construction; Government Agencies to ensure that structures are built to minimum international standards.

It is only by getting on the same track that concrete can be trusted and the world’s resources will not be wasted. We invite any and all interested parties to reach out to the Cement Trust so that we can all be moving in the same direction. Your leadership and expertise will be the engine to pull this effort together.

READ the results of the first Cement Trust Symposium, that gathered experts from charity, concrete and academia together to find partnerships and solutions to the poorest concrete in the world.

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