Cement Trust Symposium 2013

Gathering thought-leaders

CLICK HERE to read the results of the 2013 SymposiumConcrete Supply Chain Symposium - Cement Trust

  • A strategic planning event for Thought Leaders…
  • Concrete Professionals – Development Experts – Academia – Charity Leadership – Association Executives – Manufacturing – Distribution – Engineering – Mining                                                                    and YOU…

The Cement Trust Symposium is the beginning point in joining many experts to focus on improving the poorest concrete supply chains of the world. These construction supply systems cause a great deal of waste on our planet, and must receive our attention.

We know that individually we can do good things in reconstruction and economic development – But together we can make a great difference in the resiliency of communities and reduce the risks associated with bad cement-based building practices.

If you have any level of experience or expertise in this field, we invite you to contact us concerning participation.  Space is limited, so please make your plans early and contact us at 800-909-9809.

We thank Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc. for hosting this event. (Be assured that this is not a manufacturer’s sales-pitch, but a sincere effort to change the value of concrete supplies world-wide)

Cart-Away Concrete Portable Mixers

Comfort Inn and Suites is the Host Hotel and Symposium location

comfort inn


2 Responses to Cement Trust Symposium 2013

  1. How/where do we register for the symposium? I am a representative for ICDM and take several teams each year to Haiti for work-camps. We not only do construction work, but are trying to build a skilled labor workforce and the necessary supply and logistics to support them. I am very interested in what you are presenting.

    • cementtrust says:

      Dr. McLain,
      We would welcome your participation in the Symposium this July. Please email me directly bc at cart-away dot com. And we can get discuss the details.

      Have a great day!
      Bruce Christensen

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