Riocentro Convention Center – Good Concrete Infrastructure on Display

Rio+20 sustainability venue is as solid as concrete

Today begins an international discussion on sustainability in Rio de Janeiro. The attendees will be treated the luxury of a convention center and supporting infrastructure formed from more quality concrete than you could find in most third-world countries.

They will meet to develop the plans for international development that will guide us all in creating a more resilient planet. Most of the attendees are so used to the modern facilities of industrialized nations that they will not even notice the part that concrete will play in enhancing their stay in Rio.

Concrete supply system supports Rio+20

They softly touched down on Brazil’s largest concrete runway at the Galeao International Airport. Then they where driven the 20 miles on the concrete-supported freeway system to their hotel that sits on its massive concrete foundation. Over the next few days they will listen to speakers while surrounded by the quality concrete infrastructure built for them by Brazil’s functioning concrete supply system – Yet few will even acknowledge the concrete that has made this all happen.


Because the Rio+20 attendees will miss the value of good concrete, we will share some interesting tidbits:

Located in Barra da Tijuca, which is the area in Rio de Janeiro with the biggest real estate boom in the country with total area of 570 thousand square meters, of which 100,000 concrete foundations support its residential buildings. The Riocentro is comparable with the major convention centers of the world and is considered to be the best convention center in South America. Like most of the world’s major venues, concrete is the construction material of choice – Because it has proven to be extremely Sustainable!

Its car parking lot has 7,000 spaces that serves the five pavilions, one with a modular structure adaptable to events of all sizes. It took massive concrete production resources to complete all of these structures.

Within the Riocentro Convention Center there is a self-contained sewage treatment plant that contributes to the preservation of the local environment. Before being discharged, the sewage goes through three concrete treatment units to ensure the purity of the effluent.

Just Pavilion 5 has 17 modular rooms with capacity for 700 people and a multifunctional hall with 3.926 square meters for up to 4,500 people.  It has a very thick concrete floor designed to support heavy forklift traffic.  Likewise, Pavilion 2 has 10.700 square meters  of floor and has two mezzanines with 200sqm each, all using concrete. The other Pavilions are equally impressive.

Forgotten Concrete

The architects, engineers, contractors and concrete suppliers who worked to provide the venue for the Rio+20 event didn’t forget concrete as the built the Riocentro.   But I would bet that nobody at the conference will send them a thank-you note….

It is time to invite quality concrete construction to the sustainability party….


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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