Decentralized Infrastructure Requires Decentralized Concrete Supplies

Concrete is the foundation of  infrastructure projects

There is some controversy surround the World Bank’s plans for infrastructure development within poor nations. There are concerns about the level of spending on large centralized projects as opposed to a smaller more decentralized approach.

concrete supply chains support hydroelectric projectsOne area of contention involves the use of water to produce electricity through hydroelectric production systems. Huge regional projects involve building large dams with massive diversion canals, turbine houses and power grids. Small micro-hydro systems reduce the scale, are more decentralized and provide electricity in rural areas.

We can understand the value of both sides of this issue. What is important to realize is that both infrastructure approaches are critical for economic growth within a developing nation. What is also true is that concrete is the basic building material of these projects – both for massive or micro efforts.

Without a functioning concrete supply chain a diversion canal will not deliver water consistently. Without solid footings and walls a forbay tank would never hold. And without quality concrete the turbine and generator could not be held securely so that power can flow through the lines.

We suggest that a decentralized concrete supply system would benefit ether infrastructure approach. We contend that work on this supply chain should be completed early so that a local concrete supplier will benefit from the expanding work of these infrastructure projects.

Economic strength is a product of many value chains joining together toward a common good. CementTrust offers our expertise to this effort no matter if the project is massive or mini.

Our thanks to Practical Action for the image

About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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