Masonry Work in Haiti – ??? Earthquake Ready???

Calling on Masonry Contractors for a Review

I have a bit of experience in concrete block construction, yet I need someone with more knowledge to examine this image and let me know what you think… Also take a look at the foundation stem-wall of the home in the back of the image and let me know if this is a best practice.

These may be complete correct, but I am not sure?

It is my understanding that these homes are being constructed by a trained contractor, so my concerns may be unfounded. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Until we hold builders accountable for their work in Haiti, the people will never be able to really trust their homes. The Haitian government really needs to establish a building code and enforcement system as a part of a greater concrete supply chain within the country.

We will continue to display these types of construction images and ask this question: Would I live in what I claim to be safe housing for the poor?


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I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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One Response to Masonry Work in Haiti – ??? Earthquake Ready???

  1. James Reardon says:

    I’ts hard to say a lot based on one photo with no written information. The white sand in Haiti isn’t a very good binder when mixed with cement. It is an inferior substitute for reagular screened/ washed sand or even beach sand. Can’t tell from the photo where there are other pieces of vertical rebar or any poured cells. It looks like the next step at the top is ready for a formed, rebar and concrete ring beam with window and door headers. What is the sand/ concrete mix for their mortar. What is the mix for the cement? For the cement, what have they been getting for compression tests psi?

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