Sustainable Haiti Conference – April 2012

Sustainatopia is for those who raise their hands to help…

“A reversion to GOOD. A return to common sense”

This is one of the central themes for this years Sustainatopia, April 19th- April 25th in Miami. A gathering of like-minded individuals, companies and organizations who have raised their hands to solve many global issues.

Haiti needs sustainability in construction - learn more at Miami conference on sustainablity

Included within the conference is a companion event titled Sustainable Haiti Conference.

This gathering will focus on comprehensive economic development issues that are needed to help Haiti recover from years of poverty and the recent disasters.

The gathering of thought leaders include members of the Haitian Diaspora Federation and several other “hand-raising” sponsors. They will explore what common sense investments and actions should be considered for the reconstruction and sustainability of Haiti.

One of the sponsoring organizations has a connection to the construction supply chain industry and so it got our attention here at CementTrust.  David B. Deniger is one of the co-founders of Highest Common Denominator Media Group. They do film advocacy work for the poor and highlight under-reported causes around the world.  Mr Deniger is an accomplished photographer and is also the owner of Hyphen Solutions which is the operator of the largest construction supply chain network in the US.

For decades the construction process in Haiti has caused many to have their hands hang down in despair. They build with a broken supply chain and that is not good. It is good to find that another expert in construction supply chain development has raised their hand to help find the cure for the poorest construction practices in the world.

Finding common sense approaches and investments for the foundation of Haiti’s infrastructure is as critical to sustainability as is providing water, sanitation and health services. All of these other projects will rest upon some type of foundation that will probably involve concrete. If Haiti is to ever become sustainable they will need the expertise of people like Mr. Deniger.

We hope common sense and “doing good” discussions will include something as common as concrete…

Bruce Christensen is the author at CementTrust


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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