International Development Needs Long-term, Resilience-oriented Programs

“the argument for resilience-oriented assistance has not been won yet.”

Short-term or long-term concrete supply systems for poverty riskThese are the words of Cyprien Fabre, head of European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department in West Africa..

Quick-term fixes seem to be the way many agencies and organizations approach development in the world’s poorest regions. The frustration experienced by this short-sided method can be felt by those who must live in poverty and then live through a disaster.

Unfortunately it is not as newsworthy to build solid infrastructure as it is to rush in and rescue people from some concrete rubble. Sadly the bad news from disasters provide international development groups a ripe fundraising opportunity while many others reap the rotten results of short-term thinking.

Until we invest in long-term assistance for projects that create resilience within the infrastructure, we will not significantly reduce disaster risks in these poor nations. Resilient construction practices require a functioning construction supply system that rests upon a strong foundation of concrete.

We continue to voice the argument for long-term, resilience-oriented programs within development strategies. What do you think?

Bruce Christensen is the author at CementTrust


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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