Construction Material Testing in Liberia by US Firm.

USAID and Western Union support improving the construction supply chain in Liberia

A fully functioning construction supply chain is a multidimensional web that links many trades and professions into a successful system.  Any link in the chain that is missing or broken can cause failure in any building structure. This is why supporting and investing in all parts of the chain is critical to a developing country’s sustainability plans. Without strong players working in the supply system the risk of building failure increases for places like Liberia and other developing nations.

Concrete supply chain needs Geo-technical testing

Looks like a house built on sand...

Without appropriate efforts at the ground level, even the smallest building projects can result in tragedy during an earthquake or other extreme event.

One of the first links of the construction chain is the business that tests the feasibility of the proposed building site. We have all heard the old story that suggests the outcome of building a house upon sand or upon rock. Even a strong concrete will fail if the foundations are placed upon geology that cannot support the weight of the structure.

In Monrovia Liberia they realize the value of starting at the ground and building up better. Western Union, USAID and others are supporting ESM Engineering to join the supply chain in this developing nation. ESM is a branch of the Maryland based engineering firm AADT Consultants Inc that specializes in geotechnical engineering, construction inspection and building material testing. In Liberia, ESM will provide builders with critical support in quality control and engineering expertise similar to what we have here in the States.

Because CementTrust’s focus is on concrete, we are excited to know that testing of soils, aggregates and concrete strength is now offered in this African country. These testing resources are critical to insuring quality concrete practices, particularly in areas were poverty stretches resources.

The team at AADT recently won the African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM) Award, sponsored by USAID, WESTERN UNION, AED and ECOBANK. The business plan presented by ESM Engineering received this recognition for its proposal to boost economic opportunity and job creation in Africa, while providing these important testing services to the country.

We salute the ESM staff for their plans to build a stronger construction supply chain in Africa. We know that with the assistance of many forward-thinking organizations the developing nations will have the systems in place to build safer buildings and more prosperous economies.

We know that engineering and testing companies are a valuable part of a strong concrete supply chain, so we offer our assistance in seeing this effort to find success in Liberia. We are committed to finding the cure for the World’s poorest concrete.


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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