Dr. Garry Conille Shares a Vision for Haiti – Could this doctor be the Concrete MD?

“I want to get everybody excited about what Haiti could be.”

Haiti now has a point-man for building a government and he is a doctor with many ties to the United Nations and Haiti politics. Dr. Garry Conille has received approval from Haitian leaders to work for a vision that involves education, jobs and rebuilding.

Dr. Conille is well-connected within Haiti and internationally and should be able to work well in coordinating reconstruction and job creating efforts. His role in the humanitarian response and in the establishment of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission should help to develop a structure for the country’s reconstruction plans.

In a recent interview Dr Conille said he’s not interested in bringing “a whole bunch of pre-set solutions to problems”. We hope that the “new” solutions extend to the concrete supply issues that continue to plaque the country. We know that the pre-set or traditional construction methods are broken and need some mending.

Haiti’s reconstruction plans require someone who can cure the world’s poorest concrete, and maybe Dr. Conille is the right man for the job. He should introduce the “Concrete MD plan” that will focus attention on curing old patterns of rebuilding and provide a prescription for Haiti’s construction foundation and economy. A strong dose of change that would improve the health of concrete construction and save many lives during any future disaster.

Dr Conille’s legacy would be his cure for the crippling devastation that comes when buildings fall due to poor construction. If he wants excitement for what Haiti can be, then he should rally the workers around a better construction system that allows them to finally trust their shelter.

Education and training, combined with better technology is the best medicine that the doctor can offer to the rebuilding efforts of Haiti. He has thousands of skilled workers who could be tapped to run a revitalized concrete supply system. He has the resources of the world to direct toward this healing effort.

We reach out to the new government of Haiti to ask Garry Conille to become Haiti’s Concrete MD…

Bruce Christensen is the author at CementTrust


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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