What is gained by a new home in Haiti?

Family Housing Fund states economic impact of home building

Haitian dream homeThe World Wide Village organization provides a family with a 3-room concrete block house including a poured concrete floor and metal roof. According to their research these home building projects adds a great deal to the economic strength of the community where the building is progressing.

Here is the statement from their website:

The long-term economic benefits of new home construction in Haiti go well beyond simply providing safe and secure housing for the family. When building a new home, local workers are employed and learn quality building skills that will last a life time. All construction materials come from local suppliers.

When you help build a home:

  • A family moves out of a tent and into a permanent home allowing them to more readily pursue full-time employment, school for the children, and improving their lives, rather than simply struggling to exist
  • 9+ Haitian workers are employed building the home and learn skills for the future, and in turn, they support approximately 27 family members
  • 5 independent contractors supply materials like aggregate (stone), sand, doors, water, and transportation and in turn support 15 family members
  • 5 companies employing an estimated 60 people are hired, providing support for about 180 family members
  • $6,938 invested to build a home multiplies approximately 7.5 times in the local economy, creating an estimated economic impact of $52,035
  • 301 lives are positively impacted by the construction of each house

It is not our place to question the calculations or statistics of WWV, so we will just state that any building that uses local materials and local labor from the local concrete supply chain is an economic blessing for the community.

We continue to suggest that the workforce will expand, the skill-base with grow and the buildings will be more sustainable as we put emphasis on good construction practices in Haiti.

Furthermore, when organizations and governments contract with locals to do the work the revenue quickly flows back to needy families rather than to large foreign contractors. We suggest that every link in the construction chain is a potential economic opportunity that should be enhanced through thoughtful investing.

With the enormous financial resources that are committed to the rebuilding efforts in Haiti, we would hope that the locals will see most of the long-term benefits of home building.

image from WWV website

Bruce Christensen is the author at CementTrust


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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