World Bank gives Haiti Reconstruction a Boost

World Bank and a Neighborhood Reconstruction and Housing Program

Haiti and world bank fund reconstruction

Is the World Bank really interested in linking housing, reconstruction and risk management together in Haiti?
If so, where is the concrete sustainability plan for better foundations? Can we expect that traditionally poor concrete production methods will be condoned or will they be abandoned? There is a huge problem within the concrete industry in Haiti, so any reconstruction project should first work to fix this issue.

In early September the leaders of the World Bank traveled to Haiti for meetings with President Michel Martelly. They were delivering news of additional funding for reconstruction and other important development initiatives.

One of the bank’s leadership team, Pamela Cox, the Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean shared their vision for the funding:

World Bank in Haiti offers reconstruction and risk management help

On Thursday the 8th, Cox joined President Martelly and Wilson Jeudy, Mayor of the municipality of Delmas, to launch the “Port-au-Prince Neighborhood Reconstruction and Housing Program”. This program is funded by a $30 million grant from the Bank’s International Development Association and a $65 million grant from the Haiti Reconstruction Fund and implemented by the World Bank.

There are a great deal of resources directed toward repairing and rebuilding things. There is talk of mitigating risk from future earthquake events on the island, but is there a plan to rebuild the concrete supply chain?

Managing the risks associated with earthquakes must include fixing the way cement-based building materials are produced. By improving the quality of the concrete and providing thousands of concrete construction opportunities, the World Bank and the government of Haiti could reduce risk and raise economic power at the same time.

Quality concrete products will lower risk and raise employment!

Bruce Christensen is the author at CementTrust


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I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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