Why create an organization to help the Concrete Supply Chain?

Stop the cement mixing shovels

We believe that the industrialized world can help the developing world build with better cement-based materials. Concrete is the second most consumed product on earth, following water. When earthquakes rattle or hurricanes blow on poorly built homes it costs the world enormous resources.
cement block poor construction in Haiti

We can do better in helping the poor to build better and work within a better concrete supply system.  It only takes a couple of steps up to raise the bar in concrete construction in poor communities.  CementTrust is dedicated to building a coalition of construction experts to assist the World’s poorest nations to find a more sustainable concrete supply chain.

Shovels mixing concrete in HaitiOur first objective is to get the shovels out of the cement-mixing process.
We would love to have you join our efforts to improve the cement-based construction methods in Haiti and in other under-developed nations. If you have expertise that you can share please make a comment on the page and we will reach out to you for help.
Or email me at: bc at cart-away dot com.

Thank you for your interest…

Bruce Christensen is the author at CementTrust


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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