Clinton Bush Fund is training Haitian’s at Salesiens Professional School

Is the Clinton Bush Fund teaching shovel mixing skills?

Here is the statement from the fund’s website: “The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has committed up to $225,000 to equip temporary classrooms at the Sal├ęsiens Professional School with the heavy machinery, tools, and materials for the school to train young men and women in a variety of construction trades, including carpentry-woodworking, masonry, plumbing, electrical skills, and welding”.

This funding is a portion of the money that has been committed lately by the Clinton Bush fund for the rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

This effort to improve the construction skills of these young people is a great investment in the future. This valuable training can help change the Haitian construction culture for the better. But it seems that something is missing from the training school….

We searched the pages of the news stories along with the images that were provided for this announcement and we didn’t see the concrete mixers anywhere. It seems reasonable that the leaders of the Clinton Bush fund might want to help these students learn the skills that are needed to stop a processes that contributed to the most of the rubble piles during the quake.

Salesiens professional school and clinton bush money

Are shovels mixing concrete for this class?

Clinton Bush fund and now concrete mixer for training

Where is the concrete mixer?

We have harped for over a year to stop the shovels from doing their damage. We only hope that funding organizations as influential as the Clinton Bush Fund would find a way to allow the Haitian’s to create the type of cement-based products that we all enjoy here at home.

“Build Back Better”?????

Note: There may be a concrete mixer used for training these young masons at the Salesiens school, but we don’t see any evidence of it… The Clinton Bush fund is welcome to show us the mixers, if they have them. Then we will be happy to post those images and spread the word concerning their efforts to “Build Back Better“in Haiti.

Bruce Christensen is the author at CementTrust


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I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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