What could you do with a Concrete MD?

Tell us how you would change concrete construction in Haiti

Concrete MD in use for HaitiUse the comment box to share how you would partner with CementTrust to help Haiti make better concrete using a Concrete MD.

By November first (11/01/11) we will finalize a plan for a Concrete MD that we have waiting at the Port of Miami. We will put this mixer to good use for Haiti with your help.

Make a suggestion using the comment area below…

CementTrust will be solely responsible for selecting the appropriate use of the Concrete MD from your suggestions and others that we might receive.

About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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12 Responses to What could you do with a Concrete MD?

  1. Bill Vastine says:

    Hola Guys,
    Bill Vastine here….still working Haiti. We conversed last year several times. Now looking at a large scale drainage project (concrete construction) with an existing large natural ravine, to be enclosed, then backfilled and new structures built above…..major concrete project (for Haiti) and shall likely have to produce concrete onsite…..shall be reviewing and documenting (include images) this week.

    Speak to you soon.
    Bill Vastine

  2. We are working on a two-story facility in Bayonnaise that will provide classrooms, a clinic, admin offices, and even a meeting hall and dining room for the Ecole Henri Christophe. we would use the Concrete MD to mix consistent loads of concrete for the steel reinforced floors and roofs of the first floor, and for the reinforced vertical pillars. Inconsistent concrete mixes forced a complete stop in our foundation and first floor construction a year ago, and we have been waiting for help before continuing construction.

    • cementtrust says:

      Dr. McLain,
      Thank you for sharing information on your project in Bayonnaise. Inconsistent mixing and correct batch recipes are a big issue for quality control in concrete.

      Did you stop construction at the request of an engineer, or did you just realize that you needed a better solution for concrete production?

      We would like some images of your project and more on your story, so that we can share it here on the blog… email me directly at bc@cart-away.com


      • Bruce,

        We stopped because we realized we needed a better solution! Although the plans had been designed according to “best practices” expectations, we had concrete that was falling apart almost as soon as we poured the first floor foundation. We made some changes and improved the quality of concrete in the reinforced vertical columns but have sought more consisten performance before we proceed to the poured, reinforced, concrete “roof” for the first floor, which is also the floor for the second level.

        Our repairs to the foundation and the changes we made in order to complete the first floor columns have proven acceptable by a construction engineer working with us. We have adequate stores of good quality aggregate (another missing item in typical Haitian construction) and sand. But the mixing process has proven to be the biggest problem to overcome. We began looking at the Concrete MD last year after deciding to delay construction until we could find the best solution.

        Dr. Jesse McLain

  3. Jean Wisly Antoine says:

    I thank you for this initiative that, I hope, will make a big difference between the way we have use concrete masonry and the correct way. I think your product will be usefull to entrepreneurs who are producing blocks for buildings in Haiti because many of them dont have a good mixing method, they are still using the shovels which indeed produce a very poor mixture. The concern is that your mixing machine may be affordable for small entrepreneurs who actually are offering poor quality blocks to low income people. In addition, your mixer will also help masons to build better with a more consistent concrete. I am interesting a getting one for my machine block factory if the price is affordable or if I can purchase on account.
    So I encourage your idea. I believe if you approach local financial institutions, NGOs or government you can make good concrete a reality for all in Haiti.

    I am looking forward to doing business with you soon.


  4. cementtrust says:

    I am pleased that you recognize the need for good concrete block production for Haiti. The Concrete MD uses a mixing auger to produce wet concrete mixes. As you know, block production requires a dry-mix recipe.
    Our design team is currently working on a replacement auger for the MD that will allow for the machine to produce a dry-mix. It will require a different auger design and will produce about 1/4 yard of product per batch.

    The other issue is affordability, and that is a challenge. In order to produce a robust machine and get it into Haiti, the price becomes much higher than what most Haitian start-up entrepreneurs can afford. Like you suggest, we will need the assistance of financial institutions, NGO’s and governments, to assist in the seed money. The fact is that there will be an enormous need for good quality block and other cement-based products, so the investment in the supply system should yield great results for these investors.

    We would like to learn more of your business and your plans to work in the rebuilding efforts.
    my email is bc@cart-away.com


  5. Bruce,

    We did wet mix for concrete blocks and I see no reason the Concrete MD could not work as is. We had a form on a shaker table. Using continuous pour and remove we could produce about 2 blocks per minute or 110-120/hour with a four man crew. These blocks have proven reliable, strong, and fairly economical.

    Is there some limitation I am not aware of?


    • cementtrust says:

      Dr. McLain,
      As to wet-mix limitations… No for wet-mix concrete the current auger will do fine… For dry-mix used for regular block production it will require a different auger configuration.

  6. Bruce,
    I just got an email from you that may be the result of the AP article on our work in Haiti. Farsight Christian Mission in working to start a construction trade school in Jacmel, Haiti. I’ve got 25 young men ready to learn quality construction techniques. The Concrete MD would be a phenominal core tool in this education process. We are currently building one house per day to move families out of cornstalk houses and into a unit with a floor and a roof.

    Thanks for the email
    FCM – Director

  7. If I had a Concrete MD I would do the incredible! I would make the Invisible… Visible!! Hi my name is Courtney Pierce and I take the broken and forgotten children of Haiti and give them a place to thrive and shine. I run the Special needs care unit for Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We currently have over 30 children living on our campus with another 85 of the cutest and most talented special needs children coming everyday for education and therapy. We desperately need to make a change. We have purchased land and now we’re ready to build. Living in the poorest zone in all of Haiti has its challenges. The Northwest zone is a rural place populated by those just trying to make it to tomorrow. There are no concrete mixers here and I have to have a safe and structurally sound facility for the most beautiful, yet fragile, flowers that Haiti has ever produced. Please help!! Thanks for thinking of us.

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