A World Moving Toward a Sustainable Future – The SID World Congress

Sustainable futures require concrete ideas in the developing world

The debt deal was not the only action in Washington DC this past weekend. The Society for International Development World Congress was also hosted by the city. The SID Congress has been focusing attention on world development issues since 1959.

The 2011 Congress selected the theme, “Our Common Challenge: A World Moving Toward a Sustainable Future.” Participants were challenged to look into the future and find ways to build stronger coalitions between development agencies and private enterprise. This effort is a part of the trend toward helping established businesses find new markets among those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Given the fact that the private sector generates almost all of the economic growth in developing nations, the Congress is suggesting that more partnerships with business be structured. If private industry sees the benefits of expanding into these emerging markets, then opportunities for sustainable growth will expand.

One of the presenters, Elizabeth Littlefield, president of the Overseas Private Investment Corp., said “Private capital investment is correlated with reductions in poverty and with increases in living standards.”

When groups like the Society for International Development join with business leaders the odds of building great programs for the world’s poor improves. It seems that the SID Congress members see that with more public and private partnerships we will move closer to a sustainable future for all.

Every great building program starts with a solid foundation and so we advocate for the idea that the concrete supply chain be one of the development focuses considered.

Without a functioning concrete construction system the infrastructure developments needed to support an expanding economy will not be sustainable. In addition, the concrete value chain is a proven job creator and economic development engine on every continent.

There are hundreds of enterprise opportunities in each of the levels of the concrete production sector and many established suppliers who would love to find ways to access to these markets. Governments should step back from some efforts and let the private sector do what they do best, and that is build economic sustainability.

Ms. Littlefield added that…”the public sector shouldn’t be funding stuff that someone else can make a profit off of.”


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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One Response to A World Moving Toward a Sustainable Future – The SID World Congress

  1. steve thorpe says:

    A new great way of utilizing leftover concrete on construction sites for use later on during the landscaping. Saves hauling leftover mix back to the plant and landscaping materials in.

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