Construction supply system studied in Haiti

Peace Dividend Trust conducts survey of Haitian suppliers

Every successful construction project relies on some sort of chain of supply in order to succeed. In the industrialized world there are thousands of suppliers who create the links in this chain. In the least developed countries of the world the supply chains are less organized and in some cases have missing or poor quality links.

Construction supply chain survey by Peace Dividend Trust in HaitiIn order to use a simple 2 by 4 board it requires a chain of events that starts in the forest, travels through milling, quality control, trucking and distribution to reach the job-site. Then, to be able to nail boards together, we rely upon the steel supply chain and the tool supply chain. If you have followed CementTrust you realize that every solid building foundation requires a working concrete supply chain to be sustainable. These construction chains of supply need to work together and function well, especially in a major project like rebuilding a country.

Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) has recognized that these supply issues are a problem in Haiti and has begun the process of finding the links in the construction supply chains on the island. If Haiti is to rebuild solid buildings and expand their economic opportunities they must receive a greater share of the construction expenditures during the rebuilding process.

If International organizations and governments are to rely on the quality of the construction supplies in Haiti, then Haiti’s local business people must provide an appropriate level of quality and consistency. Both groups need more local procurement and to reduce the loss of local opportunity to foreign sales. Haiti needs the jobs and the economic boost and the NGO’s need sustainable construction results.

What PDT has started this summer is an on-the-ground survey of the Haitian construction suppliers. Though it is not complete clear as to the extent of the survey, we do know that they want to find out if the Haitian’s are getting a fair share of the money spent on the rebuild. Taylor Steelman shared the reason for the effort when she wrote:“To avoid working off assumptions, PDT in Haiti has decided to go straight to the source”. We are glad that someone is involving the Haitian’s in the process of providing the supplies and services for construction.

We will look forward to the results of this effort and hope that we can find a way to improve the many construction supply chains for Haiti. As always, we offer our expertise in building the concrete supply chain…


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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