Haiti Reconstruction and Capacity Building

The Haitian Diaspora Targeted by the Haiti Reconstruction and Capacity Building Expo

Several private and government groups are meeting in Washington DC for the Haiti Reconstruction Trade & Capacity Building Expo. This one-day conference is designed to introduce the Haitian Diaspora to the many opportunities to rebuild the infrastructure of their homeland.

Haiti reconstruction and capacity buildingEXPO OBJECTIVES:
Create a networking platform, particularly with the Diaspora, for dissemination of Haiti-US and international employment, business development, and investor opportunities to improve infrastructure and capacity building in Haiti.

Major engineering firms like Cardno and Miyamoto are sponsoring the expo and helping to shape the plans for rebuilding a better Haiti. The ultimate success of this event and the continued reconstruction of Haiti will rely heavily upon an engaged Haitian Diaspora and the support of many stakeholders.

Attendees at this conference will benefit from the expertise and insights from a wide range of presenters and speakers including, Harold Joseph—Ambassador of Haiti in Washington D.C., Tom Adams – Special Haiti Coordinator, US Department of State and Kit Miyamoto the internationally recognized earthquake engineer.

Panel discussions will be joined by leaders from the Haitian Diaspora Federation, World Bank, USAID, Clinton-Bush Foundation and the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce. The topics will range from Private Sector Partnerships for Economic Growth in Post Disaster Reconstruction, to Setting Infrastructure Priorities for Haiti. There will also be discussions on education reform and improved capacity building for the Haitian workforce.

CementTrust is pleased that this forum will allow the diaspora the opportunity to assist in the rebuilding process. They have the greatest interest in seeing that Haiti is rebuilt better and by using these connections they could lead the effort. We offer our support to the work of this expo and to those who are attempting to build a better foundation for Haiti.


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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