Post catastrophe reconstruction – Good concrete needed!

We can thank James P. Stuckey for defining a critical development niche

He coined Postcatastrophe reconstruction and started teaching it to the students at the Schack Institute on the campus of New York catastrophe reconstruction at NYU Schanck Institute

Mr. Stuckey suggests that this period following a disaster is from Week 2 to Year 5 in the recovery process. This is an emerging field within international development, and it has gained momentum after the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 and the earthquake in 2010 in Haiti.

While many organizations focus on disaster preparedness and the emergency humanitarian efforts that crop up immediately after the event, “there is a void that occurs in the interim period,” Mr. Stuckey said. “After the humanitarian aid ends, how do you transition to the rebuilding stage?”

Mr. Stuckey is certainly qualified to define a development niche and has the expertise to build a program for addressing these reconstruction issues. He is Divisional Dean, Clinical Professor and Klara and Larry Silverstein Chair of the NYU Schack Real Estate Institute. Mr. Stuckey is also the President, CEO and founder of VERDANT PROPERTIES, LLC(R), a real estate development, ownership, acquisitions and consultancy business. He has over thirty years of public and private development experience, completing many of the most complicated real estate projects in the United States.

The graduate students at NYU participate in hands-on work in Haiti and receive instruction from Stuckey and also from Rae Zimmerman,Professor of Planning and Public Administration at the school.

CementTrust believes that Mr. Stuckey knows the value of quality concrete in the buildings that his company has developed. In addition, his work as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative has allowed him to understand the need for sustainable concrete construction practices in developing nations.

We reach out to NYU, James P. Stuckey and Professor Zimmerman to suggest that a study of the concrete supply chain be included in the postcatastrophe reconstruction process. We challenge an NYU graduate student to take on the challenge of joining CementTrust to find a reasonable solution to better concrete production in the post catastrophic period in Haiti. Any takers?


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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