Least Developed Countries (LDCs) – The UN talks in Turkey

Building infrastructure and jobs in a 10-year program

Ten Thousand individuals in international development are gathering in Turkey this week, hosted by the United Nations. They are attempting to create a “new” 10-year plan for the LDCs (least developed countries) around the world. They hope to negotiate among themselves and move several agenda items forward. You can bet that there will be hundreds of personal agendas coming to the table for discussion.

From their press release we read:
“Negotiators for the least developed countries (LDCs) are looking to put in place measures for building infrastructure to attain economic self-sufficiency, push back poverty and create decent jobs in these 48 nations”

4th conference on LDCThis is the 4th such meeting of this effort and it still seems like things are not really improving for the people of these nations.

United Nations twiddling their thumbs for poor nationsAs I looked at the logo for this conference I wonder if their hands are tied or if they are just spending their time twiddling their thumbs. Good infrastructure, self-sufficiency and the need for jobs must have been on the agenda in years past, so why do we need a “new” 10-year program?

CementTrust believes that the UN conference on LDCs should focus on building an economic development plan based upon a concrete foundation.

Why choose concrete?

Concrete is a massive economic force in every developed nation and it is the foundational material for most solid infrastructure projects around the world.

If the UN wants to build something that is truly sustainable, they must start with a good foundation. The concrete supply chain will provide the jobs, raise the economic activity and build reasonable infrastructure, all at the same time.

Unfortunately concrete is the development “stepchild” to water, HIV/aids and food. The concrete supply system is not very sexy so it has very few champions, when compared to the other more visible players that will be at this Turkey conference. Yet, concrete cannot be overlooked, if the LDC nations want to provide good housing, build sustainable water infrastructure and support a viable health and food system.

LDC and UN conference in Turkey

Millions of meters of concrete

I am willing to bet that the attendees at the LDC event will benefit from the concrete infrastructure that built and supports Istanbul. They will negotiate and discuss their various needs in the comfort and security of the following locations: The Lutfi Kirdar Convention and exhibition center, the Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Center and the Hilton Convention Center and Exhibition Center. Each of these venues use massive volumes of high quality concrete…

The question is: Do they really want the same benefits to trickle down to the 48 nations who are considered Least Developed Countries?

Do you think anyone will notice the concrete that supports and surrounds them?


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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