I am trying to send Sunny Bates a shovel

This shovel is for you Sunny

Sunny Bates shovel connection

I have no idea where you live so I am leaving the shovel here on this page with the hope that you will reach out and claim this shovel.

If anyone knows Sunny Bates and can let her know of this gift, please pass this message along.

I want Sunny to have a shovel so that she can dig into a problem that needs her creativity and experience. Sunny has the ability to share this shovel and what it represents with the right people, with the right resources, and at the right time. Sunny is a natural connector and she could rally powerful adversaries against some of the most dangerous shovels in the world.

Shovels cause the poorest people of the world to live in dangerous conditions and they need to be stopped. Thousands died in Haiti when bad concrete crushed down on them, and shovels where partly to blame. For years shovels have partnered with poverty to producing these deadly outcomes, and this is the right time to stop them, before they kill again.

Sunny has the connections with the people who can make a difference in the way that shovels are used in places like Haiti.

So Sunny Bates….Here is your shovel… Can you grab it and help?


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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One Response to I am trying to send Sunny Bates a shovel

  1. cementtrust says:

    Thank you Sunny for reaching out and visiting with us about the shovels.
    We appreciate your interest and support.

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