Extreme Makeover uses concrete mixer in the Haitian episode

Joe and Cindy Hurston have a new home because they have dedicated much of their lives to helping Haiti.

ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover used their influence to assist the Hurston’s to improve their living arrangements. It is a good deed completed for two people who have done so many good deeds in their work for Haiti.

While building the home the Extreme Makeover team used many of the best building practices available in the USA. We are proud to put this technology on display for the world and the Hurston family really deserved nothing less.

One of the images from the show that stood out for me is their use of a $150,000 concrete truck to pour even the most basic components of the project. In this image you will see that the concrete mixer is being used to pour a simple surround for a drainage pipe. The concrete mixer was also used to provide the foundation, the walks and the driveway for the home.

The comparison here is that we think nothing of using the best concrete mixing technology for even the most mundane things; whereas in Haiti we allow poor mixing techniques to produce even the most critical building components, like foundations.  The differences are striking and are just not right by any measurement.

As we watched a beautiful home rise before our eyes on the television screen, we didn’t witness any volunteers mixing concrete on the ground with shovels, did we… Yet, we are perfectly OK with sending volunteers into under-developed countries to build foundations using this poor mixing method.

Extreme Makeover used a concrete mixer to do the job, even when the job was only to protect a drainage pipe.

It is time that we do something to change the extreme differences in what we except for the poorest people of the world.  A $10,000 concrete mixer could change the outcome of thousands of structures in country like Haiti, just like a $150,000 mixer helped change the Hurston home for the better.

I believe that the Hurston’s deserve the best that we can offer, and I would bet that they would want the same for their many friends in Haiti.  What do you think?


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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