Greta asks how to fix the Jobs issue in Haiti

On the Record host Geta Van Susteren joined Governor Palin and Samaritans Purse in Haiti this past December. She then ran specials on her popular Fox News Network show and followed up with interviews with those involved in the efforts to rebuild this struggling nation.

Haiti and its many problems have been on Greta’s mind lately so she mused concerning Haitian employment in her blog on New Years Day when she asked: “How Do You Fix This”?

The image to the left demonstrates a three pronged approach that is needed to both create jobs and to rebuild a sustainable country.

At the forefront is the Haitian people who must have the determination to rebuild their own future on a better foundation. Haitian leaders must take the lead in promoting economic growth and construction sustainability programs. But it will ultimately be the residence of Haiti that will make their own life better.

Backing them up and working hand in hand should be the non-government organizations, who have the financial resources and personnel to support the Haitian people in their efforts. The money raised for the relief and rebuilding must flow from one hand to the other. Excluding the Haitian workforce and only offering contracts to US or foreign companies will never create enough jobs to fix the problems of Haiti.

We have suggested a job creation plan that will require the support and partnership between the skilled Haitian workers and the organizations of the world.

Finally, the press can bring the story of Haiti’s successes and the failures to the concerned people of the world. Our friends in the press can hold all parties responsible for their actions. Greta and others with their microphones and cameras can keep the focus on Haiti until the job is done.

So Greta…. If we all work together we may fix the Jobs in Haiti.


About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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