World Vision offers a home as a Haitian Christmas gift

On Saturday my family will wake up to Christmas morning… We will leave our beds to go downstairs, where we will start the fire and then gather around a Christmas tree to share gifts.

I can sit here in my office and envision the comfort and joy of that day; it is a world in which I have experience and many great memories.

They dream of a house
Yet, there exists another world with a much dimmer vision of what Christmas morning will bring. It is a world seen through eyes that have experience many nights of discomfort and long days without joy. I have trouble imagining what it is like to greet Christmas in a Haitian tent city.

World Vision has been working to brighten lives in Haiti for many years. They were there at the time of the earthquake and they will watch this Christmas arrive while still serving in the country. There are many groups who envision a better day for Haiti and work to make the vision become reality.

We salute those organizations who will be spending Christmas away from the comforts that many of us take for granted. We are humbled by your dedication and compassion in the face of difficult conditions.

World Vision is suggesting that Haiti should have a home for Christmas. They and others like Heifer International and the Lambi Fund of Haiti have great gift suggestions. These are just three of the many groups who need our help to raise hope in a better day for Haiti.

The gifts that we share are a testament to our vision of a better world for the people who really need more comfort and joy in their lives.

Merry Christmas to you and to all those who’s lives are focused on helping the poor around the world.

Thanks to World Vision for the image

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I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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