Architecture for Humanity opens Haiti’s Rebuilding Center

Using funding from the Clinton/Bush Fund for Haiti, a world-wide group of Architects are helping to train Haitian engineers and builders in the proper way to rebuild the country. They sponsor classes in everything from masonry work to computer aided design (CAD).

The focus of the effort is to leverage the many investments in rebuilding the country into thousands of future jobs for Haitian workers. The quality of construction will be improved as more workers understand the value of better engineering and building practices. This work can make a huge difference in the sustainability of future building projects and safer structures for Haitian families.

The image above is of a masonry class lead by AIDG (Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group). The students are being taught to mix mortar for their block work. You can see the wheelbarrow in the foreground with a screen used to ensure better consistency in the sand used for the class. You can also see the steel rebar cage laying beneath the wheelbarrow, as evidence that they are learning how to better reinforce their concrete columns.

The students all seem to be attentive to the instruction of their leaders as they stand focused on the mixing of the materials for the next step in the process. We appreciate how engaged everyone is in this process.

This training is a great step to build back a better Haiti and to replace the bad practices of the past. These architects and engineers are sharing valuable knowledge gleaned from their work in many industrialized countries around the world.

Our only question is: Can some of the $800,000 dollars provided for this effort be spent to replace mixing materials on the ground using shovels?

Why not teach mechanical mixing technology? It is a process that architects and engineers specify for projects all around the world, and it should be the standard operating procedure for Haiti as well.

Do you think that it is worth the effort?

Picture from Architecture for Humanity slide show

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I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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