Author, Mark Danner suggests that Haitian’s should rebuild Haiti

Mark Danner wrote “Stripping Bare the Body: Politics, Violence, War,” and has suggested two things that should be done to heal the economic wounds of Haiti. He chronicled these in a New York Times article this year.

His first suggestion was to have the U.S., “throw open its markets to Haitian agricultural produce and manufactured goods,” and the second is to give the reconstruction efforts over to the Haitian builders.

On the second suggestion he wrote: “The United States and other donors could make a formal undertaking to ensure that the vast amounts that will soon pour into the country for reconstruction go not to foreigners but to Haitians — and not only to Haitian contractors and builders but to Haitian workers, at reasonable wages. This would put real money in the hands of many Haitians, not just a few, and begin to shift power away from both the rapacious government and the well-meaning and too often ineffectual charities that seek to circumvent it. The world’s greatest gift would be to make it possible, and necessary, for Haitians — all Haitians — to rebuild Haiti”.

The gift of self-reliance suggested by Mr. Danner and also by CementTrust seems to be the perfect way we can be generous to the people of Haiti.

By decentralizing the rebuilding efforts and providing them with the proper tools, the skilled craftsmen would probably amaze us all with their good works.

Great photo from Servants for Haiti

About cementtrust

I am a director with Cement Trust and passionate about improving cement-based production in the poorest nations of the world.
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